Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bill O'Reilly's wrath: Your best friend.

There are some people you don't want to piss off. Bill O'Reilly is not one of those people. His quick blood and hotheadedness has led to the aid of his enemies, such as:
  • Al Franken (insulted him at a book expo, so O'Reilly urged Fox to sue him in a frivolous lawsuit, which boosted Al's sales)
  • Keith Olbermann (went after Billy O'R., who retaliated by offering petition to replace Keith' show with Donahue, which Keith O. and the rest of the MSNBC employ signed, thus nullifying petition)
  • All the people, organizations, and nations he launched boycotts against, such as Ludacris and the nation of France (Ludacris was in "YEEAAHHH" (sp?) with Usher and Lil' John, which sold a lot of records and downloads, while France's domestic exports actually went up)
  • Stephen Colbert and for that matter, Jon Stewart and Ben Karlin, the show's producers (made the show "The Colbert Report" based on a sketch mocking The O'Reilly Factor until they realized they could make a show based on it)
If this is indicative of anything, it's that if you have your own platform, nothing can be more beneficial than Bill O'Reilly's anger directed at you.


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